Stim-Plavim srls is an innovative startup, a spin-off from a company with years of experience in the design and production of electromedical devices.

The problem

27 million people in Italy require the expertise of a Phytotherapist. 16 million people have musculoskeletal disorders.

Stim-Plavim is a certified and patented medical device that combines high-flux magnetotherapy treatments – Magnetic Resonance BR 13950 Gauss – 1.2 Tesla – with vibrational stimulation in just 24 cm.

We address:

The Effects

Increase in local microcirculation in the area affected by the painful inflammatory condition.

Swift resolution of inflammatory edema.

Activation of intra-tissue lymphocytes.

The increase in local blood flow results in a faster and more complete healing of wounds.

Secondary to the intervention of white blood cells, there is a local anti-infection effect.

In addition, the magnetic field stimulates:

Bone regeneration, thus accelerating the recalcification of fractures.

The vibrational stimulus has a significant effect on muscle relaxation, resulting in the attenuation of contractions.

The analgesic effects also manifest at the level of tendon and cartilage structures.


As of today, Stim-Plavim boasts the exclusivity of this innovative method on the market, allowing treatments with high-flux magnetic fields concentrated in a portable and energy-efficient device

Medical Device

Effective on all inflammatory-degenerative osteoarticular pathologies capable of generating debilitating pain syndromes.

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